MilesWeb Affiliate Marketing Program: Today’s Leads Tomorrow’s Profits

In today’s competitive era, no matter how high package job you have, opting for multiple income streams is a brilliant idea. One of the best passive income ideas is affiliate marketing where an affiliate partner promotes products and services of companies. Today, tech products and services are more in demand, and hosting services are one among them.

Many hosting providers are available in the market providing top-notch web hosting solutions. MilesWeb is one among them. MilesWeb is one of India’s leading web hosting companies, offering shared hosting, VPS hosting, cloud hosting, dedicated servers, and other services. They’re also well-known for their cheap WordPress hosting. But it is not just about their hosting services. They also give you a chance to generate passive income by joining their best hosting affiliate program. If you are worried about why it is creating buzz around, this post gives you the answer. Keep reading.

Know All about MilesWeb’s Affiliate Marketing Program

MilesWeb’s affiliate program is all about promoting their hosting services like shared, VPS, dedicated and others. For further details on eligible products, you can go through their terms and conditions policy. In this, an affiliate partner is paid a commission by MilesWeb for drawing sales for the company. The revenue model of this affiliate marketing program is based on ‘payout per referral’.

Remember, here you do not have to develop any product. Only promote services and build referrals. The more you refer, the more your earnings will grow. Now, you might have a question about how to join this program. To put it simply, visit MilesWeb’s official website and scroll the screen below to find ‘Refer and Earn’ option. Then, navigate to the affiliate’s page and click on ‘Get Started.

The signup form will appear, fill all information and get a referral link! It is free of cost to become an affiliate partner of MilesWeb. Maximize your earning returns through zero investment. Thus, for passive income users, we recommend to join MilesWeb’s affiliate program.

Note: You should have an active affiliate account while the time you referring services.

Perks to Avail after Joining MilesWeb’s Affiliate Program

1.      Sign Up with INR 1000 Instantly

Once you are done with the signup, get an immediate bonus of INR 1,000 in your hosting account. While the time of payout you can redeem this bonus. Doesn’t it sound good that without any investment, you are getting INR 1,000?

2.      100% Free Registrations

MilesWeb will not charge a single penny in the form of hidden charges or registration fees from you. Become an affiliate partner of MilesWeb at zero cost. Signup for free and enjoy the perks after referring MilesWeb’s hosting services.

3.      Top-Of-The-Range Commissions

The main gist of this content is how much payout will you get? Well, it’s all about the minimum signups you complete per month. The commission rate ranges from INR 1,000 to INR 5,000 per referral. Your payout amount will get paid on time directly into your PayPal or Bank account.

4.      Round-The-Clock Conversion Support

Have you identified the potential consumer, but facing issues in converting leads into complete orders? MilesWeb is ready to assist you here as well. An affiliate team will handle all conversion-related concerns. Once the sale is complete, you will receive the full commission.

5.      Generate Sales Through Creative Banners

Converting lead and sales might be a daunting task with conventional content. Why not use creative banners that MilesWeb provides? Their creative banners will enhance the conversion rate and your income value too.

6.      Hassle-Free Payout

If you performed well and referred MilesWeb’s hosting services to many, you deserve a higher commission too. MilesWeb easily pay the payout amount into the affiliate’s bank/PayPal account once the account balance reaches INR 2000.

Ways to Promote Services

You don’t require to invest time and effort in researching promotional ways. We have jotted down a few of the effective ones below. Just follow them.

1.      How-to Videos

Educating someone through your videos is a good deed. But this educational means can be your promotional way also. You can create an online video based on live demonstrations and integrate visually engaging elements to grab the viewer’s attention. For instance, you can create a video on topics like ‘servers and database’ and promote MilesWeb’s brand in between, past the link in the video description and ask your viewers to ‘click it and make the purchase’.

2.      Email Marketing

According to market reports, there are more than 3.9 billion email users worldwide. Moreover, 30% of B2B marketers prefer email marketing tactics for converting leads into consumers. Even you can use this massive space to promote MilesWeb services. Send promotional emails to potential customers by inserting the referral link into it.

3.      Webinars

Just like workshops, webinars also boost a brand’s reach within audiences. All you can do is educate attendees during the webinar session and share the referral link when the session is over. Webinar is a good means to build consumer connections instantly.

Final Thoughts

MilesWeb is one of the leading web hosting companies in India. Because of its trustworthy web hosting services, the company is serving more than 40,000 clients. It is a highly-rated and award-winning web hosting firm that can be a good platform for your income generation as well. So, what are you waiting for? Join their affiliate program now!