How To Start Amazon Affiliate Marketing? 8 Major Steps

There are many ways to earn money online and in those ways one of the top and famous way is Affiliate Marketing. Now for beginners it may be a question, How to start Affiliate Marketing of Amazon Products. Usually beginners, who are interested in making money online from Amazon Affiliate Marketing start with Amazon Affiliate program and keep searching on How to start Affiliate Marketing of Amazon Products but sometimes they don’t get the right answers to their questions.

But in this article you will learn about How to start Affiliate Marketing of Amazon Products from very beginning to advance step by step with less investment. Now if you are a  beginner and wanted to make money online from Affiliate Marketing then you should read this full article about How to start Affiliate Marketing of Amazon Products of Amazon and become successful by following these 8 major steps.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

In a very simple language Affiliate marketing is a marketing in which a person promotes the products of a  particular company and earns a certain amount of commission on each sale. There are many Affiliate programs of different companies such as Amazon, Flipkart, Clickbank etc, available on the internet, which you can join and make money online from Affiliate Marketing.

How To Start Affiliate Marketing

Starting Affiliate marketing is easy but becoming a good affiliate marketer is a bit difficult, so if your start is good you will become a good affiliate marketer. Before starting affiliate marketing first you should decide which company affiliate program you are going to choose. For beginners the first choice is Amazon Affiliate Program as it is easy to do and become successful earlier. Before starting Amazon affiliate marketing there are some major steps that you must follow to become successful earlier in Amazon affiliate marketing as if your start is good then you will last for long. You just need to first create your Amazon affiliate account for free and then start affiliate marketing of Amazon Products.

Amazon Affiliate Program Commission

This is the most important part that you must know before starting Amazon affiliate marketing: how much commission you will have on the sale of one product. Now this is not fixed, Amazon has divided all the products into some different categories and gives you commission on the basis of product’s category. There are different categories which have different commission rates. You can check commission rates of different categories by visiting the Amazon Affiliate Program commission web page. 

Where To Promote Amazon Products

Before starting amazon affiliate marketing, you first have to decide where you are going to promote Amazon Products. Now it may be a good question, as if you will choose the wrong platform then you will suffer. Now beginners will think to start affiliate marketing with some of their social media accounts or with YouTube, you can do this but this will not give any success in affiliate marketing and you will not be able to become a good affiliate marketer and make money online in affiliate marketing.

The only good and working way is to start affiliate marketing by making your website/blog or by making your application and promote Amazon Products. Making a mobile application will cost you a lot if you are a beginner, therefore the best way to start affiliate marketing by making your website or a blog. Making a website includes 8 major steps that you must follow to make a good website and make money online in affiliate marketing.

Step:1 Choose A Niche

Before starting Amazon affiliate marketing, you first have to choose a particular niche or a category and promote that particular category Amazon Products. For example, I am making one website in a particular category say ‘Computer Accessories’, then I have to add computer accessories products in my website such as printer, keyboard, mouse, hard drive etc. So you also have to choose a particular niche of your website and start adding products in your website. Working on a particular niche website will give a professional look to your website which will help to attract people to your website. The more traffic you have on your website the sale you will get and earn commission.

Step:2 Buy A Domain Name

The next major step is to buy a domain name for your website. You can buy the domain name of your website on any platforms such as Godaddy, Bigrock, Google domains etc. But before buying a domain name you should check first whether your domain name is suitable for a website niche. For example, if your website niche is computer accessories, then you should choose a domain name related to computer accessories. This makes your domain a professional domain which is suitable for your website. Now it’s your choice which extension domain you want. For example, .com, .in, .net etc. Everyone’s first choice is .com but if it’s not available you may go for other extensions.

Step:3 Purchase A Hosting

The next step after buying a domain is purchasing a hosting. You have to choose on which platform you want to host your website. There are many platforms available on the internet which provide you free hosting as well as paid hosting. If your budget is less than you choose free hosting and you will get on various platforms such as,, etc. But for a better hosting you may go for paid hosting which you will get on various platforms such as WordPress, Godaddy, Bigrock, Hostinger, Bluehost etc. So it’s up to you which platform you want to choose to host your website. Also, if you want better hosting but for free you may choose Blogger. The hosting provided by Blogger is very good and you also get SSL for free with a subdomain of

Step:4 Install WordPress

After purchasing a hosting or choosing free hosting platforms, the next step is installing wordPress. wordPress is a platform where you can make dynamic websites. So, wherever you host your website you should install WordPress to make your site more dynamic and customize according to your way simply by just drag and drop. As WordPress offers you to make awesome websites without coding, you can make it just by drag and drop.

Step:5 Install theme

After installing WordPress the next major step is to install a theme which will make your website more dynamic and attractive. There are many themes which you will get on wordPress for free. You can choose a theme which is more suitable for your website. If you don’t like any of the themes in WordPress then you can download your theme from an external source and upload it on WordPress. You can choose free as well as paid themes from an external source. There are some paid themes which are more dynamic, so it’s on your budget either to choose a free or paid theme.

Step:6 Customize A Theme

After installing a theme it is compulsory to customize it properly which suits your website more. WordPress offers you more customization options and gives you the right to make a dynamic website just by drag and drop. You can easily customize your theme in WordPress such as customizing headers, sidebar, footer, changing colour of any part and many more. If you have started affiliate marketing in Blogger then may get more customization as you are getting in WordPress. 

Step:7 Start Adding Amazon Products

Once you have installed and customized a theme then the next major step is to start adding Amazon Products. You have chosen a category then start adding products of that category in your website. You can add products in two ways either by manually or with the help of a plugin known as Woocommerce. Woocommerce is a paid plugin, which beginners will not be able to purchase, so for them there is only one option to add products in their website and that is they have to add manually. Manually they have to add images and some product’s content and description and manually they have to paste their affiliate links. 

Step:8 Start Building Website Traffic

Once you have completed making your website and have added products, the most important part is website traffic. If there will be no traffic on your website then you will not get a single sale and if you will not get any sale then you will earn commission from Amazon affiliate products. So, it is necessary to build traffic on your website. Now you can build traffic on your website in two ways, one is organically through search engines and the second way is to build traffic from social media or by creating Backlinks.

Building Traffic Organically

The best way to build traffic on your website is organically through search engines.This process may take time to build traffic to your website but this is good for long lasting. By this method, the Domain Authority(DA) of your website will increase organically and this is going to benefit you. You can build organic traffic on your website by providing unique and good content in your website and by doing it’s white hat SEO(Search engine Optimization). SEO is basically an organic process to rank your website in the top results of Google or any other search engines like Yahoo, Bing, Amazon etc.

Building Traffic From Social Media

This method is also a legal and quick way to build traffic on your website.In today’s technical world there are many social media platforms from where you can promote your website or Business and make money online from it. You can use social media platforms such Facebook, Quora, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Linked in etc. You can use these platforms to build a huge traffic on your website.

After making your website you can make pages and spaces of your website on these social media platforms and start sharing content of your website on these platforms and link your website with these platforms. There is a huge traffic on these all platforms so you can easily build traffic on your website. Nowadays people use social media just for entertainment purposes, but you should learn about how you can earn from social media by growing your Business with social media. 

This is the complete detailed article on How to start Affiliate marketing with Amazon Products to become successful fast in Affiliate Marketing career. In this article you learned about what is Affiliate Marketing, how to start Affiliate Marketing of Amazon Products by making a dynamic website and also how to build more traffic on your website through organic ways by doing seo and also by social media platforms, by following these 8 major steps you can become a good Affiliate Marketer from beginning to advance and can make your career in Amazon Affiliate Marketing and Make Money online.